Daily Harvest Recall Jaundice Stomach Pains 500 People

Since the Food and Drug Administration's original notification on June 30, the startling food poisoning outbreak that has been connected to a well-known meal delivery service has seen a more than doubling of illness complaints.

On June 23, the meal delivery service Daily Harvest voluntarily recalled their Lentil & Leek Crumbles after numerous consumers started to complain about health problems.

Food poisoning has been known to cause severe liver damage in some cases, necessitating gallbladder removal and, in one extremely severe case, a liver transplant.

As of July 14, Daily Harvest had received more than 470 reports of ailments, but the FDA had only received 277 reports. Hospitalization was required for about 100 clients.

Nearly 30,000 parcels were sent to clients in 34 states between April 28 and June 17, even though the product is no longer being sold.

Customers have so far described a wide range of symptoms, including severe body aches and chills as well as digestive problems like stomach discomfort, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhoea.

The firm said in a statement on July 12 that it had been collaborating with the FDA and other specialists but that tests for every common food pathogen had come back negative for the lentil snack "came back unfavourable.

A plaintiff from Tulsa, Oklahoma, filed a lawsuit against Daily Harvest in late June, asserting that after ingesting the product, she experienced nausea, a headache, and abdominal pain that caused her to be hospitalised on May 9.

According to Daily Harvest, it informed customers of the recall and provided them with a $10 credit for the product. You are encouraged to discard the crumbles right away, though, if they are still in your freezer.

Customers used social media to discuss their experiences with the case, mentioning a wide variety of startling symptoms in the process.

One Redditor wrote that their wife had been admitted to the hospital after displaying "serious liver problems," which included, "Extreme tiredness, fever, dark urine, and all-over itchiness without a rash.

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