Dominos Delivery Driver Shortage

America's Largest Pizza Chain Is Facing This Major Shortage Right Now. The beloved brand is struggling to feed America's hunger for pizza.

The biggest fast-food pizza company in the country has a lot of orders to fill. Domino's drivers travel about 10 million miles across the country every week to deliver all the pizza America could possibly need.

Unfortunately, the chain's recurring issue has been a lack of staff to deliver all those pizzas. Additionally, it has been extremely painful for the firm whose operations depend on it.

Last Thursday, Domino's revealed conflicting figures, with same-store sales in the United States declining by about 3%.

Due to a lack of drivers, many of its restaurants had to cut back on hours, which had an effect on overall company earnings.

Due to the severe shortage, around 40% of Domino's stores in the US are now taking orders over the phone so that staff members can concentrate on producing and delivering pizzas.

However, the business stated that it still thinks it can address its staffing issues on an internal level, indicating that it is still unwilling to partner with outside delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Domino's has been attempting to find solutions to the recurring problem of a lack of drivers.

Since last April, it has experienced declining same-store sales due to a staffing shortfall, which is a far cry from its success during the pandemic's lockdown phase, when it reached its highest levels in a decade.

The pizza colossus declared it will reconsider its stance on utilising third-party delivery systems after Domino's first quarterly decline this year, something its competitors Papa John's and Pizza Hut have invested in.

The company's CEO had reportedly told QSR Magazine two years earlier that he would have a "difficult time sleeping at night" if Domino's ever had to rely on third-party delivery.

However, Domino's was searching for solutions to its workforce issues even in February—anything that didn't need a third party partner. At that time, it had started a marketing campaign in which it paid customers to choose takeout over delivery.

Not just Domino's but other pizza businesses are having trouble finding drivers. Similar problems have been noted by Pizza Hut and Papa John's, however using outside delivery firms has undoubtedly eased some of the stress.

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