Doritos Brought Back This Iconic Chip Flavor Again

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While there is no lack of Doritos flavour diversity, supporters of one particular limited-edition flavour have been pleading for its return. And not just any chip covered in nacho cheese will do.

It's good news that Frito Lay finally brought back Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch tortilla chips after hearing customer feedback.

As fans clamoured for the chip's inclusion in the regular lineup between appearances, the variety quickly gained a cult following and rose to fame.

The campaign to bring back the snack gained so much traction that a Facebook page was created to track the product's availability on grocery store shelves.

The Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch made a comeback in 2011 after making its debut in 2006. Since then, it has returned on a regular basis.

The Doritos Solid Black project, a partnership with Black artists and changemakers who give back to their communities, is responsible for this most recent release.

The Doritos Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch bag has been updated as part of the promotion with limited-edition artwork by Mz. Icar, an unidentified art collective made up mostly of Black women.

Chef Eric Williams of the Baltimore eatery Nacho Bangers, last year's Changemaker for the Solid Black project, carefully chose the flavour to be brought back.

2,000 of these limited-edition bags are currently on sale on the Doritos website, and Williams will use the product to develop a new menu item at Nacho Bangers.

For its Solid Black campaign this year, Doritos teamed up with comedian and actress Ego Nwodim to highlight its Black Changemakers and the $5 million it is investing in community improvement.

It's commonly known that Doritos teases fans by dropping favoured flavours and bringing back old ones. The popular '90s snack that hasn't been sold in stores in 20 years, 3D Doritos, will once again be produced by Frito-Lay in 2020.

Over 60,000 people have signed a petition on to bring back the Doritos JACKED Ranch Dipped Hot Wings Chips, another item that was eliminated.

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