Eating At This Time of Day May Be Aging You Faster

When life gets busy, sticking to a strict schedule can be challenging, which means you may wind yourself eating whenever you have a few spare minutes.

You might even postpone your meals till the end of the day, only to eat something fast before going to bed.

This type of behaviour not only makes you hungry throughout the day, but it also makes you age faster, according to a recent study published in the Science journal.

It was discovered that people who ate during the day lived over 20% longer than those who ate whenever and whatever they pleased. The percentage of people who ate during active periods of the day increased to 35%.

Your body has more time to digest and use the energy from your food if you eat earlier. When you eat later in the day, your body tries to digest food while you sleep, which might cause indigestion or acid reflux.

When the body's cells aren't working as hard, they utilise less energy and collect less damage and 'wear and tear.'

It's crucial to remember that eating late at night (or close to when we should be sleeping) might disrupt our circadian cycle, making it more difficult to fall and stay asleep.

"As a result, problems such as sleep deprivation have been related to health issues such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes."

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