Einstein Bros. Has a New Breakfast That's Not a Bagel

Although Einstein Bros. Bagels is expanding its breakfast selections, the company's current morning menu offerings are nothing to laugh at.

In addition to the Texas Brisket Egg Sandwich and the nutritious Green Avocado Egg Sandwich with spinach, tomatoes, and roasted tomato spread, the restaurant already serves 11 bagel sandwiches for breakfast alone.

The company, which was established in 1995, recently joined with Panera Bread and Caribou Coffee to form Panera Brands, a new conglomerate.

The company's founders, Boston Chicken Inc., the same organisation that owns Boston Market, already own a number of current bagel brands that they have combined to form Einstein Bros.

The giant brand, which also consists of the Noah Bagel Corporation, essentially set out to establish a monopoly on bagels, and at the chain level, it seems to have mostly succeeded.

Einstein Bros has been extending its breakfast menu with a variety of new items, including a breakfast burrito, ever since the company merged with Panera Bread last summer.

The first breakfast burrito from the franchise debuted in January, and a second one, the chain's second in the year following the merger, has recently been introduced.

The current breakfast burrito, known as the Big Breakfast Burrito, offers a more conventional breakfast burrito experience and includes traditional components like bacon, eggs, cheese, salsa, sausage, and tortillas that are still warm.

The breakfast staples of eggs and bacon are also included in the tortilla, but cage-free eggs and thick-cut bacon take it up a notch.

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