Everyday Habits That Add Years to Your Life

Here's five things we should do everyday that help prolong your lifespan, according to health experts.

Get in 10,000 Steps a Day

You should walk or engage in other exercises that will help you reach 10,000 steps or step equivalents each day. Certain genes are activated by exercise, which prolongs the youthfulness of your body and brain.

Stop Trying to Achieve Weight Loss and Focus on Health Instead

Own a Dog or Cat

According to Circulation, having a dog or cat may lessen your risk of dying, possibly because they have fewer cardiovascular deaths.

Eat a Little Chocolate Every Week

While eating candy bars every day is not a good idea, savouring a small piece of chocolate once a week might be a clever and delicious approach to increase longevity.

Have a Handful of Walnuts Five Times a Week

Consumption among older persons in the U.S. may be associated with a decreased mortality risk and an increase in life expectancy.

A weekly intake of five or more servings of walnuts was linked to an increase in life expectancy of nearly 1.3 years. Of course, you can also eat the nuts as a delicious dish ingredient or as a snack.

Living a longer life is actually about making healthy and positive lifestyle choices that can lengthen your life. If you're expecting good luck will help, you might have good fortune on your side.

According to the experts we spoke with, there are various easy ways to extend your life. Continue reading for five daily routines to ensure your health and the health of others.

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