Fans mourn the loss of Burger King's GOAT Sandwich

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In case you didn't know, this month the chain's iconic chicken sandwich will be discontinued in all its varieties and replaced by the recently introduced Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches.

Customers have also expressed their concerns about losing the Ch'King so soon after it was introduced, despite the firm keeping a very low profile over the move.

The fiery Ch'King managed to establish a GOAT chicken sandwich reputation in the little over a year it was on the menu, which is no small effort considering the dozens and hundreds of chicken sandwiches that have released since Popeyes made its major breakthrough in the category in 2019.

Despite being clearly late to the party, Burger King managed to make one of the best spicy chicken sandwiches ever.

Praise was showered upon Burger King's hand-breaded innovation that had been in the works for several years from everyday Americans who simply like a heat-packed fried chicken moment to fast-food experts putting chicken sandwiches against each other.

However, according to Dan Accordino, CEO of Burger King's largest franchisee Carrols Restaurant Group, the Ch'King's sales did not take off as quickly as the business had anticipated.

He claimed earlier this year that "they spent a fortune on the chicken sandwich and it just didn't achieve what it was supposed to do." "The Ch'King didn't inspire the anticipation that was expected."

Therefore, BK made the highly contentious choice to cut its losses after just one year and abandon the failing Ch'King line in order to make place for a new, simpler one. Fans, though, aren't yet on board with the somewhat hurried decision.

What criticisms do fans have of the new Royal sandwiches, then? For one, they seem to offer significantly less chicken than the original Ch'King, and secondly, some people have described it as "soggy."

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