Fast-Food Chains Criticized By 

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The most frequent criticisms against KFC seem to centre on poor sanitation and an untrained, indifferent workforce.



Given everything Chipotle has gone through over the past ten years, it may not be surprising that more than half of the reviews only give the restaurant one star.



Evidently, people love to criticise Subway. As a result of spokesperson Jared Fogle's very public fall from grace—or, depending on the reviews—call it a breach in trust



The reviews claim that just because you can purchase the pizza doesn't mean you should. It appears that inconsistent customer assistance is the main problem.



Customers frequently criticise slowness and lack of knowledge, but poor hygiene is also a worry.

Pizza Hut


On criticism, the verdict is yet out. That man in the arena deserves the praise, not "the critic," as Theodore Roosevelt famously stated.

In the internet age, a new layer has emerged: it is now quite simple to count the critics themselves, even though the critic may still not deserve the praise.

reviews on Trustpilot and TripAdvisor to see which well-known brands garnered the most critical feedback.

The information was quite damning when it came to American fast-food companies, especially when taking into account the commentary's style and content.

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