Fried Chicken Chain Just Brought Back a Popular Menu Item

Zaxby's is recognised for its crispy fried chicken fingers, distinctive sauce, and crinkle-cut fries, among other things.

While these core foods are always available to customers, many fans have grown to appreciate another sharing side that has only appeared on the menu on occasion.

That side has returned, and this time it's for good! The popular Fried Pickles have just arrived on the Zaxby's menu and will be there indefinitely.

"Fried pickles are a Southern staple that's having a bit of a moment," said Stephanie Gamble, Zaxby's vice president of menu innovation.

Zaxby's cornmeal-dusted crispy version, combined with our creamy, chilled ranch sauce, has long been a hit with our consumers. It's the ideal summer snack, and soon we'll be able to enjoy it all year.

Fresh, crinkle-cut slices of dill pickles are sprinkled in cornmeal batter, deep-fried, and served with a buttermilk and herb ranch sauce at Zaxby's.

The pickles first appeared on the chain's menu in 2016, and they were a huge hit. Despite their popularity, the pickles were withdrawn from the menu in 2019, only to reappearance for three months in 2020 before being removed again.

The meal will now be a "permanent menu item going forward," according to a press statement, albeit it will only be accessible at a few locations.

In the beginning of March, Zaxby's added a Signature Club Sandwich to their menu. The Signature Club Sandwich is a variation on the classic Signature Sandwich that includes two slices of bacon and American cheese.

The classic sandwich consists of a double-breaded chicken breast fillet on a potato bun with Zax Sauce or Spicy Zax Sauce on the side.

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