Grocery Stores Closed Locations Summer 2022


The chain abruptly closed down a number of store sites in Chicago and Memphis, two of which were only a little over a month apart.

Whole Foods

At least six Whole Foods locations have closed down in Montgomery and Mobile, Ala., Tarzana, Calif., Brookline, Mass., and Englewood and DePaul neighborhoods of Chicago, Ill. in the last two months. 

Sprouts Farmers Market

California's San Francisco Bay Area's Sprouts stores in Mountain View and Fremont both shut their doors on June 3.

Stop & Shop

The northern chain recently closed two locations each in Paramus and Dayton, New Jersey, as well as two in Queens and the Central Islip region of Long Island, New York.

Piggly Wiggly

Three recent Piggly Wiggly sites that have closed permanently are those in Florence, South Carolina, Whitmore, South Carolina, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Currently, a growing number of supermarkets are closing their doors, many of them without prior notice.

Customers now have fewer grocery store options as a result of corporate decisions by ALDI, Whole Foods, and other companies to cease operations at multiple locations.

Companies face new difficulties in order to survive as they struggle with the coming effects of inflation, labour shortages, and sales performance.

Although businesses and customers are also feeling the burden of increased pricing, some stores are closing their doors despite their best efforts.

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