Ice Cream Tied To Over 20 Illnesses Recall

A listeria epidemic connected to Florida-based Big Olaf Creamery ice cream has caused 23 illnesses, 22 hospitalizations, and one death.

The Florida Department of Health is conducting an investigation while a product recall has been issued by the Sarasota-based creamery.

The ice cream is marketed or offered for sale under many brands in grocery stores, Big Olaf Creamery shops, and other establishments in Florida.

The company's website includes a list of the retail locations where Big Olaf Creamery goods have been sold. Ten of the twelve people who contracted the sickness did so while visiting Florida in the month prior.

There have been further illnesses found in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, and Colorado, as well as two in New York and two in Massachusetts.

Since January 2021, there have been more illnesses, including four in April, one in May, and two in June.

Anyone who has the ice cream at home is advised to throw it away immediately, in particular because listeria is known to resist freezing temperatures quite well.

While consuming listeria-contaminated items can have catastrophic consequences for persons over 65 and those with low immune systems, pregnant women are particularly at risk.

Depending on how the bacteria affects you, you might not become ill for days or even weeks after consuming food that has been tainted with listeria.

On July 3, the Big Olaf firm issued a statement addressing the recall and refuted any claims that the ice cream was to blame for any illnesses.

It is crucial to speak with your doctor right away to start receiving treatment if you believe you may have been exposed to listeria and are pregnant.

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