Massachusetts Trader Joe's Workers Unionize First

In 2021, only 10% of U.S. workers were union members, down 50% from 1983. With millions of vacant jobs, union organising is regaining ground.

Workers seeking better income, safer working conditions, and greater benefits are more interested in unions. Here are some big corporations in the news for unionisation efforts, including the first grocery store union.

Trader Joe's

If you're a Trader Joe's fan, you may be surprised to see TJ's here. The grocer is known for treating its employees well. Massachusetts Trader Joe's employees wrote the CEO a letter indicating a desire to unionise.


Apple Store employees in Towson, Maryland, are the first to unionise with the IAM.


Amazon's first unionised workers were from Staten Island, New York. They won 55% through a grassroots campaign.


Starbucks Buffalo employees voted 19-8 to unionise in December, the first company-owned store to do so.


The electric vehicle maker has rejected unions in the U.S. but could face a fight in Germany as it opens its first European assembly facility in Berlin.


Google employees had a history of staging walkouts and protests over business decisions.


Digital news brand employees are still negotiating a contract two years after unionising.


A unionisation vote by employees who pack and ship meal-kit boxes failed late last year despite high injuries, low salaries, and a COVID-19 epidemic near Oakland, California.

Democratic National Committee

Politico claimed that 70% of DNC staff decided to join SEIU in January.

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