MacDonald's Deal Back to School Week Savings

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The summer was quite hot and long. Fortunately, back-to-school time is quickly approaching, and McDonald's is here to help you celebrate getting the kids back in the classroom and out of the house. What's on the menu, then?

A schedule of specials that will encourage you to visit Mickey D's every day of the week. Additionally, there is a chance to receive extra credit. On Monday, August 15, you can get a McChicken for only $1.01 to start off Syllabus Week.

Get a Chicken or Sausage McGriddle with a Large Coffee on Tuesday for $2.01, and McNuggets on Wednesday for $3.01. Finally, to complete the week, treat yourself to the renowned Big Mac and Medium Fries from McDonald's for only $4.01.

Promotion only available to McDonald's app users. If you use all four offers, you'll get double MyMcDonald's Rewards bonus points on your next order between August 22 and 31. Good students succeed.

According to a recent announcement, McDonald's has plans for digital promotions (like this one) as well as a departure from the uniform nationwide value menu in favour of regionally specific menu options.

CEO Chris Kempczinski said, "You must aim value." As we become increasingly digital, more objects with different elasticity appear. I'm excited to provide more concentrated value.

The burger business plans to tailor the consumer experience and delegate control of the pricing to its franchisees, so the value alternatives may seem very differently across the country even if it may still offer specials like the 2 for $6 or Buy One Get One.

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