McDonald's Giving Sprite Giveaway 

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If you like Sprite, you're surely aware that the kind served at McDonald's differs from the canned variety.

McDonald's Sprite, which is crisp, sweet, and exceedingly bubbly, is dividing opinion these days.

McDonald's Sprite is distinguished by a series of quality control procedures, including freezing the Sprite syrup and purifying the water.

Because of the powerful flavour, individuals have tagged photographs and videos with their own descriptions of the soft drink.

Whether you like it or not, McDonald's is celebrating the start of summer by giving away free any-size Sprites to anybody who spends $1 or more on the McDonald's app on June 21.

McDonald's is now asking customers to record and post how their Sprite sounds after the first drink on social media.

"We've seen countless of memes and postings about how McDonald's Sprite just 'hits different,'" writes the chain.

The inventive ways our fans describe the carbonated taste of this longtime McDonald's favourite range from saying it tastes like the sound of a zipper closing a garment to a puppy growling or even TV static.

McDonald's is now attempting to make the sound of a McDonald's fountain Sprite into a phenomenon in and of itself.

To earn your free Sprite, you don't have to share it on social media. All you have to do is spend $1 or more on the app, although it's not a bad idea to play along.

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