McDonald's Is Giving Free McChicken Today

Camp McDonald's has had great specials all month. Mickey D's has left some of its biggest deals for last, so download the app to get a free item.

The app-based 27-day virtual experience began on July 5. Fans have enjoyed culinary bargains, exclusive merch drops, and virtual performances by popular singers.

Each week has had a different theme and this week it's "You, McD's & Kid Cudi in Outer Space.

Today's deal is a free McHenry. Make a $1 purchase on the app and add the free sandwich before checking out. So simple!

To round off a summer of fun and great deals, Saturday's promotion will be equally enticing: a $2 Big Mac. Then, to cap it all off on Sunday, Kid Cudi will be performing live exclusively on the app.

This promo-fest isn't as seamless as a free McChicken with mayo. Popularity and demand caused the camp's rough start.

Some consumers waited in a virtual line for hours to buy a Grimace-shaped pool float on its opening day. McDonald's sent apologies emails after fixing its low stock problems.

McDonald's has become known for nationwide celebrity-assisted promotions, but the chain just revealed a fresh approach to value deals.

As we become more digital, items in different geographies have different elasticity. CEO Chris Kempczinski said the firm wants to customise value offers based on geography.

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