McDonald's Is Opening a New Innovation Lab in Chicago

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The Big Mac used to be the most cutting-edge burger available. But if a fast-food juggernaut like McDonald's wants to keep its top spot, it can't only rely on its long-ago successes.

In order to accomplish this, the company intends to open Speedee Labs, a brand-new innovation centre, at its Chicago headquarters.

According to Restaurant Business, the term was taken from the pre-Ronald McDonald mascot of McDonald's and was also the name of the 1948 McDonald's service method used to speed up service.

The chain's current innovation team, which is based out of Romeoville, Illinois, will collaborate with the corporate team at the Lab, which will be about 15,000 square feet in size. In the second part of 2023, it is anticipated to open.

More of our customers, restaurant teams, markets, and global teams will be able to contribute to our innovation thanks to the establishment of Speedee Labs, which will also spur growth and produce more seamless and satisfying McDonald's experiences.

The work of the chain's present Innovation Center is responsible for numerous items, including modernised cooking techniques, simplified kitchen procedures, McDelivery, mobile order and payment, and many more.

But Mickey D's has given us a few pointers. In order to advance the development of its automated order-taking technologies and drive-thru lanes, the company partnered strategically with IBM in 2021.

started putting more of an emphasis on the mobile app and its loyalty program's partnership with technology partner Ayden. The company's first U.S. national loyalty programme, MyMcDonald's Rewards, was launched through the mobile app last year.

The chain will move all of its employees from the Romeoville site to Chicago, adding to the more than 14,000 jobs it already provides there.

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