McDonald's Tries a Summer Menu with 3 New Burgers

The fast-food chain wants to change its menu during the heat. Not everyone is excited about summer vacation this year.

You may enjoy summer cuisine even if you can't travel to your favourite summer destinations. A slice of cold watermelon, a grilled cheeseburger or hot dog, or a summer popsicle bring joy.

Fast food brands see an opportunity in this season, naturally, and are tweaking their menus to appeal to people's tastes as the temperatures continue to climb.

Get McDonald's Corporation Report is the latest big name to add something additional to a vital market. Instead of just adding one dish, the traditional chain is offering a whole new menu themed on Hawaii.

Whether you've never visited Hawaii or it's a regular destination in your travels, McDonald's new menu offers a lot of things you may recognize.

The first is Cheese Loco Moco, a typical Hawaiian sandwich with white rice, beef patty, fried egg, and brown gravy with caramelised onions.

McDonald's version replaces the rice with buns, the fried egg with an egg patty, and the brown gravy with "special Hawaiian barbecue sauce."

The second, Garlic Shrimp, is a fried shrimp patty topped with spicy sauce, lettuce, mayo, and cheese.

McDonald's has four new Hawaii-themed drinks for these summer sandwiches. The Mac Fizz mixes mango, passion fruit, and pineapple juice into a fizzy drink, while the Mac Float adds soft ice cream.

McDonald's has a unique McFlurry with strawberry, blueberry, and cranberry pulp. It also has "pancake-style" sponge cake.

This Hawaiian lineup launches at McDonald's Japan locations starting July 27 and is, naturally, only available for a limited time.

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