McDonald's Won't Change This Soon

McDonald's recent sales data show increasing costs can't deter customers. Mickey D's is doing well, but it won't spend money on one thing. Robots.

McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski believes automation's long-term economic benefits haven't outweighed the expenses of funding the infrastructure in a tight labour market.

Robots and other such technologies are not practical in the great majority of restaurants, "On July 26, Kempczinski stated during an earnings call. "That won't be a widely accepted option any time soon.

Since McDonald's has been experimenting with automation, we assume that it is enthusiastic about the concept of displacing its human employees.

Last year, the burger behemoth tested voice recognition at 24 Chicago drive-thrus. The technology that would let a machine take customer orders isn't ideal.

For the chain to employ AI more, the system's accuracy must increase from 80% to 95%+. McDonald's won't start employing the gimmick soon since it causes too many errors.

McDonald's will "take advantage of customer data" and improve ordering processes to lessen labour demands. The fast-food restaurant says it will do things "the old-fashioned way."

McDonald's may stop hiring robots, but it's still a fast-food winner. Price rises and value products fuelled higher-than-expected U.S. same-store sales growth in the last quarter.

While McDonald's may not be thinking about robots, some other fast-food restaurants that use technology to accept orders, prepare meals, and even complete deliveries are.

Chili's unveiled robots that can run meals and bus tables in October 2021, and Domino's and Chick-fil-A are testing autonomous delivery cars in Texas this year.

In addition, as a test, Miso Robotics' "Flippy" has been deep-frying food at both White Castle and Buffalo Wild Wings establishments.

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