Mexico Is Facing an Avocado Shortage 

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Mexico is facing an avocado shortage due to war, the pandemic, inflation, and the climate crisis

Mexico is the world's largest producer of avocados, with a $3 billion industry devoted to them. A number of difficulties this year have contributed to increased inflation and rising avocado costs.

Mexico's MEXICO CITY - Avocado production in Mexico, which generates $3 billion in revenue annually, is the most in the world "emerald gold

But for regular Mexicans, who have seen costs soar amid the convergent crises of conflict, the virus, and harsh weather, that label has acquired a new irony.

It is now considered a luxury for a customer to request one avocado in a daily meal due to the avocado's exorbitant price, "Lazaro González, a chef, spoke with Insider.

Puro Gusto, a classic Mexican eatery in Toluca, some 40 miles south of Mexico City, is run by González.

González claimed that despite the fact that they are still "so popular," he has been purchasing less avocados over the past six months for his recipes.

In March 2020, a kilo of avocados cost 50 pesos at the neighbourhood market. Today, the same quantity, or roughly three avocados, cost 125 pesos, a 250 percent increase in less than two years.

The price of conventionally produced avocados in the US, which gets 80% of Mexico's avocado exports, increased 31% in June compared to the same month last year.

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