Monday, McDonald's offers $1.01 McChicken sandwiches.

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McDonald's is offering back-to-school specials for a week in the middle of August in an apparent effort to make you dread the end of the summer and the approaching coming of October.

The week of specials officially kicks off on August 15 with what amounts to McChicken 101, a course about the fundamentals of the competition to duplicate the popularity of Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

For this inaugural offer, using the McDonald's mobile app, you may purchase a McChicken sandwich for $1.01.

Similar offers with "class"-themed rates are available until Thursday. You can receive an additional benefit for flawless attendance after the four days of reductions have ended.

You'll have the chance to earn double reward points on one meal you buy from August 22 through the end of the month if you use all four discounts.

Therefore, just like in school, the benefit of having perfect attendance pales in comparison to the vacation you could have taken if you hadn't been present all the time.

However, you still have three more days to take advantage of the bargains. On Tuesday, a breakfast sandwich and coffee are available for $2.01; on Wednesday, a ten-piece order of McNuggets is available for $3.01; and on Thursday, a Big Mac and fries are available for $4.01.

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