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According to a recent survey, almost 60% of Americans think they would be action movie star-ready if they had the right training and resources.

Many of the surveyed individuals believe action movies are quite influential on their fitness goals

35% of poll respondents said that action movies have a significant impact on their fitness goals, and 57% say the ideal action movie would definitely inspire them.

71% of those surveyed crank up the tunes pretty often during workouts

71% of people prefer turning up the music quite frequently as a form of distraction, compared to 56% who enjoy audiobooks and 55% who enjoy playing video games while working up a sweat.

Among those who listen to music while working out, 35% do so for each workout, and 66% of the participants create customised playlists so they may work out to music they know they'll like.

68% of the participants often work out in sync with the tune they're jamming out to

Individuals who are very active and overall satisfied with their life consist of 37%

There is substantial evidence to support the claims that listening to music can boost productivity, heighten excitement, and create states of higher performance.

Stretching/flexibility exercises (yoga, pilates)—31%
Equipment-based workouts (treadmill, dumbbells, etc.)—30%
Anaerobic exercises (weight-lifting, interval training, etc.)—30%
Aerobic exercises (swimming, running, biking, etc.)—30%
Calisthenics/body-based workouts (planks, burpees, etc.)—26%
Martial arts/dance (kickboxing, Zumba, etc.)—21%

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