Nationwide Chicken Chain Launching First Pizza

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According to Restaurant Business Online, bone-in wing sales increased 84 percent year over year in 2021, reaching a peak of $3.22 per pound.

The July Consumer Price Index from The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that food prices rose 11 percent overall, the largest increase since May 1979, while chicken prices generally surged by nearly 18 percent.

As a result, Buffalo Wild Wings, long known for its distinctive bone-in chicken wings, is approaching the issue in a very cheesy way by introducing their first pizza on their happy hour menu on Wednesday.

Since this is Buffalo Wild Wings, it has boneless wings on top, however since they are made of breast meat rather than actual chicken wings, they are less expensive.

The Buffalo Boneless Bar Pizza and the Honey BBQ Boneless Bar Pizza are both available for purchase. The price of the pizza is $9.99.

Buffalo Wild Wings' CMO, Rita Patel, stated in a statement that the restaurant chain "is always seeking for creative ways to surprise visitors."

Just in time for football season and peak pizza consumption. The American Pizza Community estimates that during last year's Super Bowl, 12.5 million pizzas were ordered by hungry game-watchers, while 1.42 billion wings were consumed.

More than 1,200 Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants offer the pizzas as they continue to diversify their menu.

They introduced their Bird Dawgs, which are appetisers in the shape of hot dogs but are actually stuffed with chicken tenders, in June.

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