New pizza has 100 pepperoni slices

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If pepperoni is your preferred topping and you can never get enough of it, there is a new fast-food item that is made specifically for you.

For a limited time, Little Caesars, the third-largest pizza restaurant in the world, will be selling a new speciality pie that will be topped with an enormous quantity of pepperoni—more than 100 pieces, to be precise.

However, the "old world" pepperoni pieces, which have a rich, smokey flavour and create those delectable crispy edges when they cook, will be used in the Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni pie rather than just any pepperoni.

Overall, this pizza will be completely covered in cheese and pepperoni, resulting in a thick slice with caramelised crust.

On August 8, the new pizza will be available for pick-up in the Hot-N-Ready portion of your neighbourhood Little Caesars between 4 and 8 p.m. Starting today, it may be ordered online for $9.99.

"Innovative items from Little Caesars, like our Pretzel Crust Pizza and Crazy Calzony, are already well-known.

Our already excellent pizza selections are elevated by Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni, which also provides customers the choice to make pizza night a little finer "Greg Hamilton, senior vice president of marketing for the pizza business, said.

Little Caesars' app delivers Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni pizzas. You can also pre-pay and pick up your pizza at a Pizza Portal Pickup, a mobile station that keeps your food warm.

The Detroit-based restaurant is doing well for itself after recently agreeing to become the National Football League's official pizza sponsor in its largest marketing agreement to date.

Little Caesars has offered additional pepperoni before. The restaurant raised the price of its Hot-N-Ready pizzas from $5 to $5.55 this year, but added 33% extra pepperoni to mitigate customer displeasure.

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