Nutritionist Reveals The 5 Things She Would Never Do

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The experts on what to eat and drink to maintain your commitment to a healthy diet and way of life are nutritionists. What about the opposite, though?

The owner/founder of the Resilient Health and Wellness organisation, certified nutritionist Claire Sorlie, recently shared a popular video detailing things she would "never do as a qualified nutritionist" and has not been independently verified by Newsweek.

In her most recent video, which was a follow-up to her earlier video on the same subject, Sorlie discussed some of the more peculiar things to avoid doing.

Wi-fi routers are known to transmit large amounts of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), which Sorlie claimed can result in "moderate to severe health difficulties," including headaches and difficulty falling asleep at night.

Sleep With Wi-Fi Router in Room

Juice cleanses, in which your diet is restricted to only a few juices in an effort to give your body a detox, are a popular choice among health enthusiasts.

Do a Juice Cleanse

The body is put under unnecessary stress when it consumes coffee on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Our stress hormone, cortisol, is released in a surge as a result of it, according to Sorlie.

Drink Caffeine Before Breakfast

Taking a hydrochloric acid (HCl) supplement is "particularly crucial," according to Sorlie, if you're travelling abroad or to any other location where you might be "nervous about drinking the water or contracting a bug."

Travel Without an HCl Supplement

Although a bell pepper's white portion may be bitter, Sorlie claimed that "bitter meals serve to strengthen and promote digestion."

Discard the White Part of Bell Peppers

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