Old-Fashioned New England Dishes and Drinks

Wild Blueberry Pie

Since the majority of the crop is frozen, wild blueberry pie can be seen all year long in New England on menus, at potlucks, and BBQs, especially in the summer.

Fruit Buckle

consists of berries that are mixed into a delicate, golden batter and then covered with sugary, salty crumbs. Blueberries are frequently the fruit of choice.


Ployes are a Canadian and New England specialty. Buckwheat flour pancakes topped with butter and maple syrup make up this Acadian meal.


In Rhode Island, coffee cabinets continue to be a cherished treat. A particularly well-liked location to purchase them is the vintage soda fountain at Delekta's Pharmacy in Warren.

Coffee Milk

The official state drink of Rhode Island since 1993 is coffee milk, which is simply milk and coffee syrup.

Boston Cream Pie

The Boston cream pie was created in 1856 at the Parker House Hotel in the city's financial district.

Medford Rum

Since 1715, this rum, which was first made in colonial Medford, Massachusetts, has been a custom in New England.

Clam Chowder

With plenty of soft clams and served with oyster crackers, New England clam chowder can be either thick and creamy or thin and milky.

Lobster Roll

Cold lobster meat is used to make Maine lobster rolls, which are also served on buttered hot dog-style rolls and slathered in mayonnaise.

Boston Brown Bread

With baked beans and franks, the rich bread of molasses is heated in a coffee can. Every Saturday, bakeries in Southie and other parts of Boston sold it.

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