Onion Recall Wegmans Summer 2022

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You might want to double-check your vegetable drawer if you want to enjoy a homemade salad or hotdogs with lots of fresh toppings over the Fourth of July weekend.

Due to potentially fatal contamination, anyone who recently purchased an onion from Wegmans in one of the three Northern states should be on the watch.

Due to a possible listeria threat, the grocery store chain ordered a recall of its Vidalia Onions on June 24.

Onions were offered for sale in a few Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York businesses from June 23 to 24. The Wegman's website lists the stores' precise locations.

While listeria infections can be extremely dangerous for persons over 65 and those with low immune systems, they are particularly dangerous for expectant mothers and newborns.

The 4-digit PLU label on the goods, which either has a 4159 or 4166 code, was applied to the onions, which were sold by the pound.

There is a worry that the onion won't be thrown out right away due to the vegetables' lengthy shelf life.

The FDA states that listeria can survive on food for up to ten years and does well in refrigerator conditions.

According to the CDC, depending on how the bacteria has spread, you might not become ill after eating food contaminated with listeria for days or even weeks.

After a few weeks, an invasive sickness will start to show signs, including fever and flu-like symptoms. An intestinal illness will most likely cause vomiting or diarrhoea within 24 hours of becoming ill.

It is crucial to speak with your doctor right away to start receiving treatment if you believe you may have been exposed to listeria and are pregnant.

If you're certain you bought these onions, you can get a full refund by returning the item to the merchant.

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