Ooblets: How to Make Beanjuice

When consumed, Beanjuice gives 40 energy and enhances run speed by 25% for one minute in Ooblets. This drink is used to start dance fights with Isopud and even advances the player through the game's main campaign.

All players will therefore ultimately need to obtain some Beanjuice in Ooblets, and this tutorial includes comprehensive instructions on how to make this crucial beverage.

Players need the Beanjuice Recipe and the Ground Springbeans Recipe from the Wishy Well in order to manufacture Beanjuice.

Fans who require extra Wishies in Ooblets should concentrate their efforts on completing daily activities and obtaining badges as these recipes cost 50 Wishies apiece.

Fans should buy some Springbean seeds from Meed's Seeds and plant them on their farms once all of these Wishy Well unlocks in Ooblets have been completed.

Players should place the Springbeans they collect into a Crunchster on their farms in order to grow these seeds into plants that can be harvested in just five days.

For 1,500 Gummies, this crafting station is available from Cuddlecups Cafe, and if the corresponding recipe has been unlocked through the Wishy Well, Beanjuice will show up among its list of recipes.

While it is wonderful to have a choice that may be made before unlocking all of the aforementioned recipes, machines, and crafting stations, players may not want to spend all of their Gummies in Ooblets on this method of purchasing Beanjuice.

The Cuddlecups Cafe will also gladly exchange Springbeans, Ground Springbeans, and Beanjuice for some Gummies, allowing players to transform any surplus items they may have into something more valuable.

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