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The return of one of McDonald's most well-known toy crazes has enthusiasts lining up to get one for themselves.

As Mickey D's staff prepares for a potentially record-breaking year, online collectors are excited about leaked photographs.

According to PokéBeach, the McDonald's Happy Meal and Pokémon card partnership campaign will debut on August 16. Fans can collect a total of 15 cards by assembling booster packs of 4 cards, each of which contains a foil card.

Since 2010, the yearly card release has occurred practically every year. It also creates excitement practically every year as collectors get ready to snag limited-edition products.

This year, there will be six holographic playing cards with Rowlet, Gossifleur, Growlithe, Victini, Pikachu, and Smeargle on them. Cardboard coins and spinners for the game are also included with the meals.

Last Friday, a McDonald's employee tweeted a picture of a box with the Pokémon logo at a restaurant, with the words "Toy 2, Victini - Dark Blue," breaking the story on Reddit. Excited followers gave the post over 11.5 thousand votes.

However, given the toy's current popularity, you might want to arrange your trip soon if you want any cards this time.

The toys from last year's offer sold out quickly at some places when professional collectors and scalpers descended on restaurants.

A single McDonald's Pikachu card reportedly went for $500 on eBay, while entire cases of cards were advertised for over $1,000, according to sources.

However, several eateries sold the collection cards as side items last year rather than requiring consumers to purchase a complete Happy Meal, and the burger company modified its campaign rules as a result. Franchisees are now requested to implement buying restrictions.

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