Popeyes Isn't The Favorite Chicken Chain In Louisiana

With a well-known flagship product and yearly sales of nearly $5.5 billion, Popeyes is one of the most well-known fried chicken companies, roughly on par with Chick-fil-A in terms of store count and comparable to KFC in terms of revenue.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is likely to come to mind when you think about fried chicken in 2022.

Not if you live in the state where the business is based, though. In its own home state, Popeyes is just the second most popular spot to acquire a chicken sandwich or nuggets, according to a recent report from the digital marketing company TOP Agency.

Unbelievably, Raising Cane's, a much smaller business with locations in Baton Rouge and a focus on chicken fingers, takes first position.

The TOP Agency examined the seven biggest chicken businesses in the US and measured foot traffic at each one using GPS monitoring data.

In the survey, Raising Cane's did well, winning first place in seven other states, finishing second and third in a few more, and defeating Popeyes in addition to Louisiana.

Additionally, this chain saw the largest sales growth, with consumer spending up 4.7 percent from pre-pandemic levels.

Popeyes did succeed in placing second in 10 states, but the Louisiana Kitchen only achieved one first-place finish.

Raising Cane's is currently punching much above its weight in terms of footprint. The chain had yearly revenues of nearly $2.3 billion in 2021, which was about half of Popeyes', but being only a fifth as big.

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