Popular Better Burger Chain Rolling Out New Way To Place Order

The new technology at this well-liked fast-casual restaurant will please you if you've ever felt impatient when placing an order.

BurgerFi, a 124-unit chain located in Florida known for its Angus beef burgers and fresh-cut fries, is installing self-service kiosks at a number of its corporately owned restaurants.

The Samsung-built and GRUBBRR-powered kiosks were originally tested last year at a few sites, with fantastic results for the business and the clients.

According to Restaurant Business, the technology gives consumers more time to go over the full menu, which has so far resulted in ticket amounts that are 18.5 percent larger than those put at the register.

Approximately 50% of customers using the kiosks to place orders choose to add automated upsells like drinks, fries, and shakes, and the kiosks currently account for nearly 75% of all transactions at the locations.

BurgerFi is planning further innovations in addition to those kiosks. The business is experimenting with a number of cutting-edge technologies, including robot servers, in-car ordering using 5G vehicles, ordering via QR codes, and others.

BurgerFi's president, Patrick Renna, told QSR Magazine, "I think BurgerFi has shown in the past that we're ready to look down the road for what we believe is heading our way, and be an early adopter of some of this technology."

The former front-of-the-restaurant cashiers have been moved to the dining area, where they can assist patrons with drink refills and other concerns, improving patron happiness.

It's interesting to note that consumers who use the kiosks continue to tip—up to the second decimal point—exactly as they would for cashiers who accept payments in person.

The chain didn't introduce kiosks first. In 2018, McDonald's launched, and other chains soon followed, particularly during the height of pandemic hiring. Expect this tendency to continue for some time.

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