Put Tomatoes on Your Ice Cream

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My diet contains a lot of tomatoes while it's hot outside. The fruit section is brimming with everything from meaty heirlooms to stylish cherries while nightshades are in their prime.

In my opinion, the Sungold variety, which is as cheery and priceless as its name says, is the one that is the best.

As if there were no tomorrow, I stockpile them by the pint. I needed something else but after alternating between light salads, delicate sauces, and carefully popping them into my mouth like sweets. It shouted for one thing and one thing only—fresh tomato—because it tasted so much like what it pretended to be.

I added some Sungolds that were about to burst into flames to a dish of ice cream after scooping some of the treat, along with the last few stray basil leaves I could find.

I tried different ice cream flavours: Van Leeuwen's blueberry shortcake, which has a sweet-cream base, worked well too, as did Morgenstern's sour cream canned-peaches flavour. It's the ideal treat for the last days of summer.

Your standard cherry tomato or an orange-hued heirloom will do if you can't find Sungolds. And if you're a resourceful person with time on your hands, you could simmer tomatoes down into a jam beforehand, which I'm willing to bet would be well received.

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