Restaurant Chain with Most Craveable Items

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Milkshakes at Steak 'n Shake

As American as they come, milkshakes. This is due to the fact that a Chicago Walgreens employee who was experimenting with novel mixtures really created the first contemporary version of the product.

Fans haven't forgotten that Steak 'n Shake made the ice malted beverage and meaty burger combination ubiquitous. One admirer who responded to the survey remarked, "My husband and I always yearn for their shakes.

Burgers at White Castle

Burgers are as closely associated with American cuisine as anything else. We eat an average of 2.4 hamburgers every day, if you can believe it, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), so there's a significant appetite to sate.

However, it turns out that a smaller rectangle will suffice when it comes to our enormous appetite for hamburgers. 72.4% of participants said that White Castle's sliders were the most irresistible burgers.

Ice Cream at Baskin-Robbins

The largest chain of speciality ice cream stores in the world, Baskin Robbins is said to have invented more than 1,000 varieties during the course of its 76-year existence.

Hot summer days in the US beg for ice cream. The average American uses four gallons annually. 66% of customers prefer Baskin-Robbins for a scoop.

Fries at Checkers and Rally's

Fries have emerged from behind burgers and sandwiches to gain recognition in their own right. More and more eateries are focusing only on the potato, and when done right, it can really make a difference.

51% of respondents cited Checkers and Rally's "famous seasoning" Customers can top their fries with cheese, chilli, ranch dressing, and bacon.

As fans voted on who had the best of the best on offer, thousands of fries were consumed, hundreds of milkshakes were consumed, and piles of burgers were marked and bagged.

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