Secret Side Effects of Drinking Tea

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Our imaginations may go immediately to coffee when we think about the world's favourite drink. The cheapest and most popular beverage eaten worldwide is really tea.

According to research, there are several advantages to drinking tea, including lowering blood sugar, decreasing risk of diabetes and chronic diseases, reduced inflammation, and many more.

You can be taking more caffeine than you realise depending on the type of tea you drink. A serving of black, white, or green tea typically contains 14–61 mg of caffeine.

You may interrupt your body's natural rhythm


It might surprise you to learn that hot tea consumption has been connected to esophageal squamous cell cancer.

You may increase your risk of esophageal cancer


Although studies have shown that tea can have incredible health advantages, people who have anaemia or any other sort of iron deficiency may want to reconsider if they have it.

You may decrease your iron levels


Black and green teas are regarded as diuretics, or those that make you urinate a lot.

You may have to use the bathroom more often


Theophylline is a typical natural substance to pay attention to among the many others present in tea. This substance, which can be found in both coffee and tea, is occasionally used to relax the muscles in the airways in asthma sufferers.

You may experience constipation


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