Side Effects of Drinking Too 

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Well, your body  is formed  up of around 50% to 70% of water. Each organ, cell, and tissue in your body requires H2O,  because it  protects your tissues

Helps you maintain  a traditional  body temperature, and cushions and lubricates your joints. It also eliminates your waste  once you  perspire, urinate, and have bowel movements.

The right amount to drink each day,  consistent with  The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is approximately 15.5 cups for men, and 11.5 cups  for ladies .

Drinking  far more  than the recommended daily requirement,  remember  that you can potentially put your health at serious risk of developing hyponatremia

Consuming  an excessive amount of  water can wreak havoc on your kidneys, making it really difficult  to urge  rid of the excess water.

When you drink extra water, it's first absorbed into your bloodstream,  then  the extra water is filtered out by your kidneys and removed from the body as urine

Drinking  quite  1 L of water per hour for more than a couple of hours puts you at risk of having too much water in the body and experiencing side effects.

Water intoxication is more likely to happen to individuals who  do  extreme fitness and drinking a lot of water rather than refueling with electrolytes, participating  during a  water-drinking contest

Summer never fails to be hot and steamy, and with plenty of planned beach activities, sports, rooftop happy hours, picnics in the park, and more outdoor fun on the calendar, it's important to stay hydrated. 

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