Side Effects of Using Marijuana Everyday

More people consider marijuana use acceptable than at any point in history, and  a gentle  increase in legalization means it's more available for recreational use than ever before.

But cannabis,  like all  substance, isn't risk-free—it can have uncomfortable side effects.  and they are  not just physical.

Researchers Looked at Cannabis and Relationships

Using marijuana  might not  be the warm-and-fuzzy experience that's so ingrained in pop culture. Marijuana use might cause tension in your relationship.

Knowledge about how cannabis use affects and is  suffering from  experiences in romantic relationships notably lags behind its popularity

How the Study Was Conducted

The study involved 145 couples that included  a minimum of  one marijuana user.  everyone  was asked about their frequency of marijuana use and their level of relationship satisfaction.

 All the couples were then videotaped having a 10-minute discussion  a few  source of tension in their relationship, while the scientists measured their bodies' responses  to worry .

What the Study Found

People who used cannabis more often displayed less parasympathetic withdrawal with their partner—a reduced ability to be flexible in stressful situations.

Cannabis users were almost  the precise  opposite of what independent raters found,  it's  important to note that this study's findings do not mean that cannabis use is wholesale good or bad for relationships.

Cause of Obesity

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