Skittles Toxic Chemical Lawsuit

This Popular Candy Still Has a Toxic Chemical And Here's Why It Might Be Dangerous

Although it has long been promoted that eating Skittles allows consumers to "experience the rainbow," a recent class action complaint claims that each bite may contain potentially harmful nanoparticles.

The lawsuit, which was filed in California in the middle of July, contends that Mars Corporation intentionally included high doses of titanium dioxide in the ingredients, which is used to give the candy its colour but was prohibited in Europe in August for being a carcinogen.

Additionally, it claims that because the corporation did not appropriately alert buyers to the risks, Skittles are now dangerous for ingestion.

According to the lawsuit, failing to inform buyers about this component constitutes a "fraud of omission" and exposes Mars to various legal offences in California.

In 2016, Mars declared it would stop using titanium dioxide in all its candies within five years.

However, the complaint contends that as of 2022, that has not occurred, pointing out that other vibrant candies like Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, and Sweedish Fish do not use it.

Mars claims that the levels it uses in Skittles are FDA-approved and are not even close to being high enough to be harmful in response to the case.

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