Struggling Sandwich Chain Is Poised For a Comeback

One prospective restaurant company appeared to have the ability to compete with the Subway sandwich juggernaut in 2006, when it was at the top of its game. It was a Quiznos chain.

Customers were anxious to try the toasted subs that had just arrived to the brand's 5,000 U.S. outlets, and there appeared to be limitless room for expansion. Unfortunately, it was not to be.

Over the following ten years, Quiznos suffered a staggering string of setbacks, and 94 percent of its restaurants vanished from existence. Only 170 Quiznos outlets remained as of June 2022, a far cry from the chain's heyday.

However, the once-adored sandwich restaurant is currently undergoing a significant overhaul in an effort to gain back its patrons. With a revamped menu and a revised brand strategy, Quiznos is back.

The prototype for all future locations, the first of the new stores is now open in Hobbs, New Mexico. It has a drive-thru, terrace eating, flat-top grills, and deep fryers.

In the upcoming months, Quiznos will rebuild locations all throughout the country. Additionally looking for ways to enhance the eating experience for visitors, we are excited to introduce these most recent upgrades that elevate the experience.

While some classic sandwiches will remain, others, like the Chicken, Italian, and Chicken Carbonara subs, as well as Quiznos' widely-liked vegetarian guacamole, are getting an upgrade.

The business is also a part of the growing trend among fast-food companies to expand their selection of vegetarian and plant-based foods.

The chain's first vegan-friendly protein, the Beyond Italian Sausage sandwich, is now available on Quiznos' updated menu.

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