Subway's Footlong Pass Sold Out In Hours

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Several restaurant chains, like Subway, have been launching promotions to ease some of the financial strain on consumers' wallets at a time when food prices are rising.

On August 24, Subway MyWay Rewards members will enjoy 50% off a footlong sandwich every day in September using daily digital codes. Whoa! 10,000 passes were sold.

The bargain, which went up at 8 a.m. yesterday, was supposed to remain available until Aug. 26 at 7:59 a.m. Eastern Time, but according to Axios, the passes sold out in just six hours.

Although prices vary depending on location and toppings, sandwiches from Subway normally cost $6 to $12, which makes this month-long promotion more alluring to those who frequently visit the restaurant.

In less than two months, Subway completely redesigned its menu with the launch of its Subway Series menu as part of its continuing Eat Fresh, Refresh campaign.

Twelve new signature sandwiches are included in the lineup, which Subway calls its "biggest important menu revamp in its nearly 60-year history," and they fall into one of four categories: Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken, or Clubs.

Subway's Footlong Pass isn't the only fast-food subscription programme this year. Panera updated its $8.99/month coffee subscription service in April with "Ultimate Sip Club." The $10.99 subscription gives customers access to 27 self-serve drinks.

Additionally, Taco Bell began 2022 by introducing its first-ever "Taco Lover's Pass," which allowed customers to redeem one of seven signature tacos every day for 30 straight days following a successful test at some of its Arizona shops last September.

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