Summer Grocery Items More Expensive Than Ever

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This summer, not only are temperatures rising, but barbecue season is also in full swing. In fact, throwing a Fourth of July party for 10 people may cost 17% more this year than it did last.

Whether you're planning a picnic tonight or simply want to go grocery shopping once a week, sticker shock doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Meat and Poultry

Pork prices are forecast to grow between 7 and 8% in 2022, according to the USDA, while prices for other meats are predicted to rise by 11.5 to 12.5 percent.


The USDA now projects that egg prices would rise by 19.5 to 20.5 percent in 2022 as a result of the avian flu reducing the egg supply and causing a 5 percent increase in egg costs in May.


The cost of protein is still rising. Fish and seafood prices increased by 2.3 percent in May, which is 12.2 percent more than they were in May 2021.


The use of dairy products has rapidly increased, which has led to an increase in retail pricing recently.

 This pattern has only persisted, and according to the group, prices of dairy products would rise by 10.5 to 11.5 percent in 2022.

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