Surprising Effects of Eating 

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Fruit consumption has been linked to improved weight management. Blackberries are naturally fat- and sodium-free, have no added sugars, and have a low calorie count.

You may lose weight.


Vitamin C is the immunological health industry's favourite nutrient. Vitamin C supports a person's general health by assisting in immunological defence and promoting antioxidant scavenging activity.

You will get immune support.


Anthocyanin, a polyphenol found in blackberries and other foods that are naturally blue or purple in hue, is a unique polyphenol found in blackberries (like blueberries, purple cabbage, and purple potatoes).

You may see cognitive improvements.


Your gut microbiota, which is influenced by specific dietary and lifestyle decisions, can have a significant impact on your gut health, immunological health, and even mental health.

You may see improvements in your gut microbiome.


Ischemic heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other unfavourable illnesses are all linked to chronic inflammation. Berries have been shown to reduce inflammation, particularly obesity-related inflammation.

You may have reduced inflammation.


Blackberries are low in calories, have no added sugar, and are chock-full of important nutrients. One cup of fresh blackberries contains:

60 calories
14 grams of carbohydrates
7.5 grams of fiber
42 mg calcium
29 mg magnesium
30 mg vitamin C

Along with the unbelievable taste that blackberries offer, eating them can give your body some major advantages if you enjoy them on a regular basis. 

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