THC Beverage Brand Cantrip Launches In Minnesota

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Cantrip offers a range of terpene-infused flavours with organically generated cannabis ratios. Only 8 calories are contained in each Cantrip seltzer.

The Cantrip-developed nano-emulsion is used in each seltzer to speed the onset of the cannabis effect, making them more approachable and convivial than conventional edibles. The effects of a cantrip can be noticed in as little as 10 to 20 minutes.

Blackberry Lavender has 5mg of THC along with Sour Tangie terpenes, authentic lavender, and naturally occurring blackberry flavour.

Watermelon Mint: Contains Kush terpenes, watermelon and mint flavours that are organically derived, as well as 5mg of THC.

Ginger Peach: Contains Haze terpenes, 2 mg of CBD, 3 mg of THC, and naturally occurring tastes of ginger and peach.

Grapefruit Hibiscus: Contains natural crystallised grapefruit with genuine hibiscus, Headband terpenes, and 3 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD.

According to Adam Terry, CEO of Cantrip, "Cantrip was designed by bartenders to provide a full-bodied, full-flavored beverage that genuinely tastes like a grown-up beverage and not just some bubbled flavour water."

Each cocktail is a fascinating experience from the first taste to the end of the night when it wears off because Cantrip uses real, deliberate flavours and garnishes each one with terpenes, the natural flavours of the cannabis plant.

It's always better to consume anything that tastes better with good company, and this is true for both cannabis and wine. You won't have to worry about getting "too high to hang" or suffering a hangover if you use a micro-dose medication like Cantrip.

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