The Best Back-To-School Breakfasts To Keep Your Kids Focused And Energized – Exclusive

Getting your kids back into a morning routine can be challenging now that summer vacation is over. Even though getting kids out of bed and brushing their teeth before school may be challenging, a healthier breakfast will help them get a head start on their studies. Registered dietician Jamie Feit, M.S., is the proprietor of Jamie Feit Nutrition, LLC.

Remember that a healthy breakfast in the morning and arranging healthy snacks for the rest of the day will keep [your kids] energised and focused throughout the school year, advises Feit. A nutritious breakfast will aid with weight management as well.

Numerous processed cereals include a lot of sugar, which can cause blood sugar to surge before falling a few hours later (via Healthline). Simple carbs are metabolised within 15 to 60 minutes, according to Feit. Simple carbs include fruit, fruit juice, milk, honey, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and all sorts of sugar.

Focus On Complex Carbohydrates

According to the Wexner Medical Center at The Ohio State University, carbohydrates are also the best for enhancing cognitive function. Throughout the lengthy morning hours, the brain is continually fuelled by the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in complex carbs.

According to Feit, including fibre in your child's breakfast can prevent hunger. Dietary fibre may even help kids' cognition, according to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Nutrition. Plant-based goods contain both the soluble and insoluble kinds of fibre. Insoluble fibre maintains your body healthy by transporting everything through the gastrointestinal system without absorbing water, continues Feit. Water is absorbed by soluble fibre, which results in a fullness sensation.

Fill Up On Fiber

The fibre from the waffle and the berries is added to a whole-wheat waffle with nuts, berries, and ricotta cheese. According to Feit, fibre binds to cholesterol and transports it out of the body, lowering cholesterol levels.

Feit advises including a little healthy fat in your child's breakfast every morning. According to Feit, "Fats have been demonised for a very long time, but not all fats are made equal." They do offer twice as many calories as protein and carbohydrates, making them a good source of energy. To acquire both healthy fat and fibre, Feit advises eating a slice of whole-grain bread with avocado and tomato.

Fill Up On Fiber

You should limit or avoid other kinds of fat, though. Trans fats, which are usually included in processed foods, are extremely harmful and can affect the body by boosting LDL cholesterol, according to Feit.

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