The Ugly Side Effects of Slouching

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Slouching doesn't just look bad with your shoulders and back hunched over—it's actually really bad for your overall health.


Slouching on a regular basis could lead to digestive issues

Having bad posture can cause muscle pain, an achy lower back, pain in your shoulders, and even a sore neck. 

Maximize your surroundings to promote good posture

There are key habits you can incorporate into your daily routine to try to improve your posture.

Exercise is also beneficial in improving your posture. If you work with a personal trainer, they can do an assessment to give you a targetted approach to improving your posture.


Be mindful of prolonged pain or feeling so stiff that it's challenging to stop slouching

It's important to be mindful of experiencing pain for an extended period of time or feeling so stiff that it's really challenging to stop slouching.


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