This Nifty Trick Will Make Perfect Pancakes

This clever pancake trick genuinely makes the perfect small pancake in the morning—and it's about to become your new best friend—if you're either feeling pressed for time or feeling extra sluggish on a weekend morning.

Mix the batter.

First, prepare your preferred pancake batter. Simple packaged mixes are OK, as well as homemade recipes like these buttermilk pancakes. The batter must be smooth after being combined.

Fill a silicone ice cube tray and add desired toppings.

Spoon the mixture onto a clean silicone ice cube tray until each cube is about 3/4 full. Once each cube has been filled, you can add whatever toppings you like to the pancake batter.

Freeze overnight.

The batter should freeze overnight in the ice cube tray that has been placed in the freezer. Getting ready for the busy week ahead on a Sunday night is a terrific idea.

Defrost & cook on a griddle.

Take out as many cubes as you desire and place them on a clean dish to partially defrost. According to our experience, allowing the batter to defrost for a few minutes facilitates an easier melt on the griddle.

Cast-iron skillet or griddle should be preheated over medium heat. With clean hands, lay the slightly defrosted pancake cube onto the griddle after greasing it with butter or a nondairy substitute.

Despite the fact that the size of your silicone ice cube tray may be different, using regular trays will result in a pancake that is 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Add fruit, syrup, or even whipped cream to the top of your cooked pancakes.

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