Walmart And Others Purchase Limit Emergency Contraceptive

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In an effort to ration their stock, Walmart and other merchants like CVS and Rite Aid are capping the amount of purchases for a contentious product. The biggest grocery chain in America is likewise experiencing a shortage.

On June 24, the United States Supreme Court issued a decision overturning Roe v. Wade, terminating the constitutional right to an abortion.

In the wake of this historic ruling, concerns about future access to women's reproductive healthcare are growing, and over-the-counter emergency contraception tablets like Plan B are increasingly in demand and in short supply nationally.

The number of tablets that can be ordered through the CVS website, which offers both Plan B One-Step and an AFTERA brand option, has been reduced to just three.

The Wall Street Journal was informed by a spokeswoman for CVS that the business had plenty of the medications on hand and that the decision to restrict availability was taken to "ensure equal access."

For its own line of brands, Rite Aid likewise has a maximum number of three pills in place. Walmart also offers Plan B One-Step in addition to a number of other less expensive options.

The Wall Street Journal reported that online restrictions of four or six were detected for any medicines that were made available before the end of June. Other possibilities that could be acquired by the beginning of July didn't seem to be restricted.

While there are presently no restrictions for emergency contraception in other retailers, there have been other signs that they are also having trouble keeping up with the unexpected increase in demand.

There are several possibilities on Amazon, but many won't be available for shipping until at least mid-July. Additionally, Walgreens does not currently offer delivery for any morning after pills, even though customers may still purchase them in-store and by pickup.

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