Walmart and Target Pet Food Recall

Recently, items such as Sriracha spicy sauce and baby formula have been hard to come by on grocery store shelves, which pet owners are all too familiar with.

Dog and cat food have been in limited supply since early this year, following a surge in demand that began in 2020, when many people adopted a furry family member due to lockdowns.

Certain pet meals have been difficult to come by in recent months, with one large grocery chain even eliminating several options due to supply shortages.

Pet food offered at Walmart, Target, and other retailers is taking another hit, as one company is recalling one of its dog food varieties due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination.

The bags were sold at over 100 Walmart shops in Alabama and Georgia, as well as select Target stores and other retailers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and other states, according to Freshpet Inc.

Freshpet Team had set aside this single lot for destruction, however in the final two weeks, a small fraction of the lot was unintentionally distributed to retailers in a few select geographic locations.

If pet parents have products in their possession that match the following description and sell by date, they should cease feeding them to their pets and dispose of them immediately.

Animals can become infected with the germs if they eat contaminated food, but humans can become ill as well if they handle it and do not wash their hands afterward.

Exhaustion, diarrhoea, fever, vomiting, and even a decreased appetite and stomach pain are all symptoms of a Salmonella infection in dogs.

With this dog food no longer on the shelves, pet owners will have an even smaller range to pick from. Certain varieties of dog and cat food are no longer available at Trader Joe's.

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