Walmart Losing Customers Through Plus Delivery

America's biggest retailer is struggling to be the best in this category.

Walmart, which has the title of most popular grocery store in America, is losing the clientele it has been actively cultivating over the past few years.

Despite continuing to be the largest supermarket and retail chain in the country, it appears that the big box retailer still has a ways to go before customers regard it as the best delivery service as well.

Walmart introduced its Walmart+ membership program a few years ago in a bid to compete with Amazon's Prime subscription service, which it recently integrated with its In Home delivery.

Although strong, it hasn't been sufficient to discourage internet buyers from making purchases. Business Insider claims that new data indicates that Walmart+ has lost customers recently.

Despite multiple modifications and new benefits added since the pandemic started, it's the first time the program has experienced negative growth since it was introduced two years ago.

Shoppers pay $12.95 per month or $98 per year for the program. It provides free next-day delivery on any item sent by Walmart as well as free delivery on up to 180,000 goods.

Walmart previously ran a different delivery service that sent goods right to customers' homes.

While Walmart's plans for In Home didn't materialise, the business recently added the service Walmart+, which analysts believe was done to capitalise on the company's prowess in grocery.

Walmart already dominates its main rival Amazon in the grocery market, a trend it certainly wishes to maintain.

In order to expand its online presence, the company declared in June that it would be constructing four additional fulfilment facilities with the capacity to pack and dispatch online orders more effectively.

Walmart appears to want people to not only shop for food in-store but also to make its online presence the largest in the nation since it is America's largest grocery retailer.

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