What the World's Strongest Man Eats in a Day

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The daily caloric requirements of an individual, which range from 2,000 to 2,600, depend a little on their gender and age. For Brian Shaw, a 40-year-old healthy and active adult, 2,600 calories are insufficient.

Shaw won four times in the biggest contest, the official World's Strongest Man competition. And many more times than that, he has finished in the top three of the competition.

In order to maintain a weight that frequently surpasses 400 pounds while he trains for an event, he needs to eat enough food to provide him thousands of calories to burn each day.

sufficient protein to develop muscles capable of literally lifting automobiles. The world's strongest guy consumes the following each day. Don't forget to watch What a Celeb Trainer Eats, too.

Shaw has to spend a lot of time working out and training while carrying a lot of weight, which is less enjoyable than you might imagine. According to Shaw, eating is one of the most difficult aspects of being the World's Strongest Man.

He added that as he starts his preparation for a forthcoming event, he'll aim to eat "As I'm starting to ramp up, 8,000 calories a day, give or take, and then at the top end, for those biggest.

The food of choice for Shaw when he is preparing for a strongman competition is beef "I probably eat close to a pound of meat each meal on a daily basis. Additionally, I take a lot of measures after cooking.

Shaw has been known to consume four cheesecake slices at once! For those special occasions, he purchases the Mini Cheesecake Treats from Costco.

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