Wine Prices At All Time High, 66% Grocery Shoppers Say

Wine lovers are currently feeling the squeeze as their preferred vintage is becoming more and more expensive.

In fact, some people are choosing alternatives to uncorking as rising price tags necessitate more creative methods of handling expensive bottles.

According to a recent Bevinars poll of more than 500 wine drinkers, two-thirds of customers feel that pricing have gone out of hand and that they are prepared to take action—other than giving up their glass entirely.

Nearly half of the survey participants who indicated they were feeling the pinch claimed they had cut back on their grape intake at home, but the other half said they were choosing less expensive bottles and boxed wine.

Although boxed wine received some criticism from connoisseurs when it first appeared in the middle of the 1960s, it has recently enjoyed somewhat of a comeback, thanks in part to its capacity to keep wine fresher for longer and enable more cheap packaging.

Despite the fact that the cost of fuel and food had been rising faster than the price of wine had, wine is now being targeted by intense inflationary pressure.

The price increases extend beyond the food shop as well. Oldman claims that higher-end establishments are experiencing wine price rises of up to 20%.

According to responses from the study, some of the customers who were questioned have even gone so far as to check restaurant policies for "attractive BYOB" offerings.

Because they don't have the purchasing ability to obtain glass bottles at a lower price than larger wine companies, smaller wineries are more likely to be impacted by price rises.

Wine lovers may need to get used to being inventive in order to work their favourite wine into their regular rotation, even though making difficult decisions may be unavoidable.

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