Worst Drink for Colorectal Cancer

You probably don't need to be warned that drinking sugary soft drinks isn't the healthiest option.

They can harm your heart, wear down your teeth, and potentially have a bad impact on fertility, among other things.

A new study has discovered that drinking sugary beverages raises your risk of dying from colorectal cancer.

Consumption of SSB and total fructose was linked to a higher incidence and mortality of proximal colon cancer, especially in the later stages of carcinogenesis.

These observational data support findings from a recent animal study that revealed a direct tumor-enhancing function for dietary carbohydrates in colorectal carcinogenesis, however they need to be confirmed in additional large cohorts.

Drinking these beverages has been associated to an increased risk of developing proximal colon cancer and dying from it, especially when tumour development is already well underway.

While further research over a longer length of time is needed, sugary soft drinks do appear to aggravate colorectal cancer tumours, according to the researchers.

If you used to drink a lot of soda as a kid but have been consuming it less in your adult life, you don't need to be concerned.

In a way that previous intake was not, SSB use was connected to an elevated risk. Even so, if you drink soda every day, you may want to reduce your intake.

Our findings back with current dietary guidelines and regulations that limit SSB consumption in order to promote the general public's health.

Furthermore, colon cancer isn't the only type of cancer connected to sugary beverages. They've also been linked to an increased chance of developing liver cancer in previous research.

They may also put you at risk for pancreatic cancer and raise your chances of developing endometrial cancer, among other cancers.

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